Solar And Battery Installations

Solar Installations

Greenhouse Electrical Services provide a high quality solar design and installation service, covering the South East suburbs of Melbourne from Brighton through Frankston and Mornington to Sorrento. We take time to analyse your individual needs and tailor a system that meets your needs, without overcapitalising on unnecessary capacity. Gone are the days of putting as much solar as will fit on your roof and earning an income from the excess generation; the emphasis is now on self-consumption and using what you produce efficiently. That being said, as houses move towards becoming fully electric, there is a good case for installing high efficiency panels on your roof and making best use of the available space.

We have spent considerable time researching products so that you don't have to. There are a huge amount of solar products on the market, and they all purport to be the best. We are continually looking at new products and assessing their key features to enable us to recommend and install only products that we feel sure will last the longest. In terms of brands that we use and recommend, we prefer to install LG panels and Fronius inverters due to their exceptional warranties, customer service, manufacturing processes, and looks. It is in our interests to install the best quality parts (and install them properly) as we don't have to waste our time and money following up on warranty claims from lesser quality parts.

We put a great emphasis not only on functionality, but aesthetics as well; if it is possible we try to route all cables and conduits inside walls and have minimal components hanging off the walls, making for a cleaner looking system. We spend time on attention to detail and do the opposite of cutting corners.

If you would like to talk to us about designing a solar system tailored to your usage and roofspace, please get in contact with us.

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Battery Systems

Adding a battery system to your new or existing solar installation can help you reduce your reliance on the grid, and lower your use of fossil fuel generated power. Battery systems can be installed and configured to work in numerous ways:

  • - To store the power that you generated during the day for use when you get home from work, eliminating your grid consumption when grid pricing is at its peak
  • - To keep the electrity flowing during grid failure events
  • - To limit import and export of power

To a greater extent than solar, battery technology is evolving very quickly. Every day, new products are announced as "in the pipelines" or "just around the corner". Some of these are genuine advances in technology, others are just new ways of marketing an existing idea. We keep abreast of the industry to enable us to provide up-to-date information regarding batteries and their applications.

There is a lot of information and mis-information floating around the internet with regard to home battery storage. In some cases it is financially viable to install a battery system, in others it is not. It is completely dependant on the way your house uses and produces electricity. Without a proper consultation, it is impossible to say whether or not your house is suitable for a battery system at the current time. If you are interested in batteries, give us a call and we can sit down with you to determine their viability for your situation.

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