Services overview

Solar Panel Design and Installation

We are qualified and certified by the Clean Energy Council to design and install Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaics (PV) on your rooftop. We can provide an in-depth analysis of the suitability of your roof for PV and also give a good indication as to the output and financial and environmental savings potential. Both AC (Micro Inverter) and DC (String Inverter) systems can be installed, and we can help you decide what is best for your situation. By analysing an existing power bill it is possible to see how much of an effect a solar system will have on your external energy consumption, and we can make recommendations to maximise the benefits of installing solar PV.
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General Electrical Works

As electrical contractors, Greenhouse Electical Services can provide a quality service to cater to your electrical needs. We provide competitive prices and aim to keep a site in as clean a condition as we found it. As a small business, our reputation is on the line.
Switchboard upgrades, new powerpoint installations, efficient lighting upgrades; all within the scope of our services. New builds, renovations or small installations; no job is too small.

Energy Efficiency

There is more to having an energy efficient home than just selecting energy efficient appliances. We can help you to identify where you might be losing energy from your house, and in turn help you to save money on your power bills. Our recommendations may not necessarily be electrical, we can identify where you might be losing heat from your house, or consuming excess energy.

Off Grid Design and Service

Greenhouse Electrical Services and trained and qualified to design and install off-grid systems, or Stand Alone Power Systems. Great care must be taken when designing these types of systems as there is no grid to fall back to if things go wrong.

Servicing areas including the Mornington Peninsula, French Island and Gippsland, Greenhouse Electrical Services and help you with all your off-grid requirements.

Solar Service and Repairs

There are many systems out there are that are functioning well below their potential, or not at all. Common system failures include non-functioning inverters (many only last about 5 years) and failed rooftop isolators. If you suspect that your system may not be funtioning to the best of its ability, we can come and assess the situation and adjust or repair as necessary.